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GENRE Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, History, Romance

SUMMARY A young father and his infant son are beset by forces of evil and corruption. They wander China, upholding their sense of honor and protecting the weak. When they are forced into combat, ...

GENRE Action, Drama

SUMMARY A cheerleader goes undercover to fight drug dealers because her brother OD'd and her fellow cheerleaders are hooked.

GENRE Action, Crime, Thriller

SUMMARY Two FBI agents pursue members of a radical hacker collective after they steal a powerful cyber-weapon.

GENRE Action, Crime, Drama, Romance

SUMMARY Leon, the 40-year-old former soldier who is an alcoholic now, gets a job as a bodyguard. His duty is to take care of one of the Mafia leader's daughters. His problems begin when he falls in love with the 16-year-old girl.

GENRE Documentary, Action, Sport

SUMMARY Healing Scars is a documentary focusing on Rob "C4" Sinclair, a UK mixed martial artist, as he battles to overcome a career-threatening injury in order to fulfill his dream of fighting in the USA.
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