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GENRE Documentary, Adventure, Sport

SUMMARY A year in the ever changing life of an Atlantic surf town.

GENRE Action, Adventure, Western

SUMMARY In the dusty streets of Crow's Landing, outlaws, wealthy plantation owners, runaway slaves, a half Cherokee girl, a pair of brothel owners and a woman days away from giving birth all end up...

GENRE Action, Adventure

SUMMARY In wake of the First Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895), a group of Japanese warlords calculate that the best way to prepare an invasion of the rest of China from their southern Manchuria ...

GENRE Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller

SUMMARY Black Sunday is the powerful story of a Black September terrorist group attempting to blow up a Goodyear blimp hovering over the Super Bowl stadium with 80,000 people and the president of the United States in attendance.

GENRE Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

SUMMARY ELVIS from OUTER SPACE is a psychedelic rant about a gambling Elvis impersonator and his troubles with the Vegas Mafia, featuring a hapless crew of broken down Elvis impersonators who find ...
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