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GENRE Adventure, Biography, Drama, History, War

SUMMARY Israel circa 1,000 B.C. The adult life of David, who would eventually become King of Israel, is presented. The blessing of the Prophets, as the voice of God, is required before the King can...

GENRE Documentary, Crime, Drama, History

SUMMARY Over sixty years ago, a murder rocked Live Oak, Florida, and awakened the nation. Today, the ghosts still remain.

GENRE Documentary, History

SUMMARY The history of the Gay and Lesbian community before the Stonewall riots began the major gay rights movement.

GENRE History

SUMMARY The American imperialists are at the door and intruding on Japan. To assess and train his troops the lord of the land announces a marathon through the land crisscrossing shores, forests and...

GENRE Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, History

SUMMARY The story of Ian Hamilton, a dedicated nationalist who reignited Scottish national pride in the 1950s with his daring raid on the heart of England to bring the Stone of Scone back to Scotland.
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