Wii NTSC Connection A-L
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Wii NTSC Connection A-L (Size:958.39 GB)
  #/007 - GoldenEye 007_[SJBE52].wbfs 3.67 GB
  #/007 - Quantum of Solace_[RJ2E52].wbfs 2.60 GB
  #/10 Minute Solution_[SM2E52].wbfs 1.01 GB
  #/101-in-1 Party Megamix_[RYEEEB].wbfs 2.47 GB
  #/101-in-1 Sports Party Megamix_[SOIEEB].wbfs 2.48 GB
  #/2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa_[SFWE69].wbfs 2.97 GB
  #/The $1,000,000 Pyramid_[SP3E41].wbfs 194.00 MB
  A/A Boy and His Blob_[SBLE5G].wbfs 1.08 GB
  A/ABBA - You Can Dance_[S2EE41].wbfs 3.59 GB
  A/AC DC Live - Rock Band Track Pack_[R33E69].wbfs 2.63 GB
  A/Academy of Champions - Soccer_[R5FE41].wbfs 1.53 GB
  A/Action Girlz Racing_[RGYE5Z].wbfs 82.00 MB
  A/Active Life - Explorer_[S2AEAF].wbfs 2.87 GB
  A/Active Life - Extreme Challenge_[REJEAF].wbfs 1.24 GB
  A/Active Life - Magical Carnival_[SFDEAF].wbfs 2.40 GB
  A/Active Life - Outdoor Challenge_[RFAEAF].wbfs 580.00 MB
  A/Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None_[RQTE6U].wbfs 1.68 GB
  A/Agatha Christie - Evil Under the Sun_[RQEE6U].wbfs 2.19 GB
  A/Aladdin Magic Racer_[SARE4Z].wbfs 564.00 MB
  A/Alice in Wonderland_[SALE4Q].wbfs 3.39 GB
  A/Alien Monster Bowling League_[SABENR].wbfs 2.20 GB
  A/Alien Syndrome_[RLSE8P].wbfs 1.41 GB
  A/Aliens in the Attic_[RUOEPL].wbfs 1.60 GB
  A/All Star Cheer Squad 2_[R5YE78].wbfs 3.66 GB
Hi all-
This collection consists of almost the complete collection of Wii Games. There are 4 total torrents. The 4th is the extra ones I've added after getting requests that I've been able to track down.

Me: Just a regular guy interested in preserving vintage games no longer available for sale. My seedbox stops seeding after 21 days of inactivity, so if you don't see any seeders, let me know and I'll restart the torrents.