Wii NTSC Connection M-S
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Wii NTSC Connection M-S (Size:799.63 GB)
  M/M&M's Adventure_[R2ME20].wbfs 492.00 MB
  M/M&M's Beach Party_[RXWE20].wbfs 402.00 MB
  M/M&M's Kart Racing_[RMWE20].wbfs 678.00 MB
  M/Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack_[RQ5E5G].wbfs 3.98 GB
  M/Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa_[RRGE52].wbfs 3.84 GB
  M/Madagascar 3 - The Video Game_[SV3EG9].wbfs 962.00 MB
  M/Madagascar Kartz_[RJHE52].wbfs 844.00 MB
  M/Madden NFL 07_[RMDE69].wbfs 2.87 GB
  M/Madden NFL 08_[RNFE69].wbfs 1.78 GB
  M/Madden NFL 09 All-Play_[RFLE69].wbfs 1.30 GB
  M/Madden NFL 10_[R2IE69].wbfs 1.62 GB
  M/Madden NFL 11_[SMEE69].wbfs 1.51 GB
  M/Madden NFL 12_[SM7E69].wbfs 1.91 GB
  M/Madden NFL 13_[S2ME69].wbfs 2.12 GB
  M/MadWorld_[RZZE8P].wbfs 3.39 GB
  M/Major League Baseball 2K10_[SMLE54].wbfs 2.60 GB
  M/Major League Baseball 2K11_[SMVE54].wbfs 2.48 GB
  M/Major League Baseball 2K12_[SM9E54].wbfs 2.57 GB
  M/Major League Baseball 2K8_[RK8E54].wbfs 2.95 GB
  M/Major League Baseball 2K9_[R9ZE54].wbfs 2.72 GB
  M/Major Minor's Majestic March_[R4NE5G].wbfs 720.00 MB
  M/Man vs. Wild_[SMWE4Z].wbfs 2.70 GB
  M/Manhunt 2_[RHTE54].wbfs 3.36 GB
  M/Marble Saga - Kororinpa_[RK6E18].wbfs 764.00 MB
Hi all-
This collection consists of almost the complete collection of Wii Games. There are 4 total torrents. The 4th is the extra ones I've added after getting requests that I've been able to track down.

Me: Just a regular guy interested in preserving vintage games no longer available for sale. My seedbox stops seeding after 21 days of inactivity, so if you don't see any seeders, let me know and I'll restart the torrents.