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Courtesies of Downloading
« on: July 23, 2016, 02:00:01 am »
This is to help downloaders to better understand a few things,
this is not intended to insult anyone's intelligence by any means.

If you were sent this link, please take a minute or 15 to read this thread...
because there's a reason someone wanted you to check this out.
And that reason isn't always a bad thing, esp if you are an Uploader

This document is "fluid" and can change when it has to as more understanding of things are needed. I shall start off with broad points, and will expand on them in the future as new ideas flourish.
This is not for me to rant, but for the community here at KAT to help each other to make this a better place.

If you would like to add something and the community agrees, I will add it.

As of right now, the points are numbered, but are not in order...if you have any suggestions as far as that goes, please let me know.

For uploaders, you can direct new "friends" and folks that are prone to negative comments to this thread, to help guide them to becoming a better member of KAT.

1. Most uploaders put a lot of time, effort and pride into uploading files to KAT for your enjoyment. Encoders enjoy sharing and get nothing in return except rates and comments. Rating is the least you can do to show that you appreciate what someone else did to give you something free. Now don't get me wrong...there's a difference between the uploaders that encode and the uploaders that dump...

I know for ALL my movies and shows, I've encoded every single one of them. These are movies that I either own or have rented. For all the magazines and books I've uploaded, I actually paid money out of my own pocket to share these with you fine folks here at KAT.

2. It is okay to rate and leave a comment. Positive comments are always welcome! If you didn't like the torrent or something was wrong and you decide to leave a comment please leave a genuine response stating why you didn't like the torrent. Blasting the uploader for their efforts is never cool (or blasting others for that matter)...maybe something went wrong and they don't know about it yet. Give them a chance. Short comments are preferred to long drawn out ones. Remember, if you don't like their version, there are (usually) LOTS of other versions out there. Or even us how its done and provide us with a better copy.

3. I didn't want to change the order of some of the other points, so this is kinda thrown in here. Please don't download another user's torrent, rename it, and then reupload it. This is called retagging and is pretty much frowned upon here.

Original thread by thePiratePimp

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Thread: Courtesies of Downloading
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Re: Courtesies of Downloading
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2016, 02:09:13 am »
4. Most encoders/uploaders have a pretty good understanding of what they're doing. And they upload "their" stuff in a certain format and size that they like. A lot of encoders/uploaders have a following that enjoy what that person does for them. If you prefer someone else's work, please feel free to move on. Everyone's taste are different.

5. The thumbs up/down is not there to show your dislike for the content of a torrent, it's there to say if the torrent works or not. If you do leave a thumbs down, please have the courtesy to leave a comment explaining why you disliked it. Please don't downrate a torrent because you think the content of the torrent is stupid...I give a thumbs up to movies I don't like all the time, b/c the torrent worked. Use the comments section to tell what you didn't like about it. For movies, try here: Movie Opinion

6. If you believe a torrent doesn't work, make sure you have tried re-downloading it, and PMing the uploader before down rating and leaving negative comments. Sometimes if the uploader is the only one seeding, it may take quite awhile to download. When leechers just hit and run it hurts everyone else. Exhaust all means of downloading, before disliking a torrent. Give the uploader a chance. Also, you can ask others to help seed it here:
 Thread: RESEED - I need Seeders or a Re-Seed PLEASE!

Or...try a different version, there are usually plenty out there.
It is okay to just move on.

Downloaders - Check your download speed in your torrent client before saying that something is too slow or isnt working.

Many new members don't know how to optimize their torrent client and think something is wrong with the torrent, when it's actually fine, just the speed is being throttled. Thanks to  Kitai, for showing us this.

7. The comments section really isn't there to make request to the uploader, its there to tell about the actual torrent quality and things like that. Some uploaders have a request thread out there...for some you can leave a request on their wall.

Please don't leave a comment saying "Downloading now, will rate when finished".
Why not just wait till you are finished and then rate.
You are leaving unneeded comments, and will end up double posting which is against the rules and can be taken as Abusing the Rep system.

AND not state: "Waiting for a better copy" or "Waiting for so&so's upload". You are basically telling the uploader to f-off and not being helpful in the slightest way. Give constructive feedback. Help the uploader to do better.

Also another thing: DON'T POST SPOILERS in the comments section!!!

Original thread by thePiratePimp

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Re: Courtesies of Downloading
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2016, 02:13:52 am »
8. Don't forget to SEED. Seed for as long as you can, and try to seed no less than 100%. This is what uploaders really appreciate more than anything else. (not really sure how I left this one out)
Thanks to  Bubanee for reminding me.

More on Movies:
Remember an .avi is not the same as a .mkv or they should be voted on accordingly. Depending on your flavor. I like the smaller sized 700mb-ish .AVIs for my daily regular movies, and .MP4s for my HiQuality stuff. And I vote on them a little differently. Some bigger sized .AVIs are very HQ and some lower sized .MP4s are LowQuality. Just depends on how it was all encoded.
thanks  TimeBandits.

a 1080p movie isn't always going to be 1920x1080. it depends on the aspect ratio of the movie.

Make sure you know how to view the movie before calling the uploader out. Certain machines cant play certain things. Its not the uploaders fault.

Cinavia protection is truly a pain in the tail...but there are plenty of other movies that you can watch. More than likely, if one version doesn't work, none will. I tried 3 different versions and formats of White House Down with no luck. If you have to watch or buy it. But please don't complain that the uploader sucks.

Some uploaders only do 2ch Stereo and it may not be good for you, but for some folks, that's all they need. I prefer 5.1 Ch I find those uploaders that specialize in it. No need to bad mouth people cause you don't like their version.

Here's a good link to another thread that goes a bit more into what 720p & 1080p actually is...thanks to  FLiCKSiCK for putting this together.

Well...sometimes you get great ones (rarely), and sometimes you get pure crap.
A lot of CAM titles are miss leading, and a lot give false hope. I really think the uploader should thoroughly check these before uploading them here, but everyone wants to be the first one to put it out. I think CAMS should have their own standard, and I treat them that way. It takes a lot for me to not watch a cam, but when the person sitting behind the camera isn't even trying...I will say so. I will still thumb up the torrent...but I will grade the A/V for what it is, and I will always leave a description on my thoughts about the quality.
Don't forget...CAMS are CAMS are CAMS.
thanks  Pikachu1992

Remember, if you don't like the way people are doing are always welcome to give it a try yourself. There are plenty tutorials here that will show you what you need to know.
But with that being said...encoders/uploaders should be held to a standard. Releasing crap quality torrents makes the rest of us look bad. Please take the time to make your torrents look as nice as you can.
Google, IMDB & Amazon are our friends.
thanks  Tedders

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Re: Courtesies of Downloading
« Reply #3 on: July 23, 2016, 02:23:59 am »
Read up on Netiquette a thread written by  Suzitastik.
Thread: KAT Netiquette - Important to all users!! 
Thanks a lot for this!!!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Remember beyond all else...
some people will NEVER get it,
and they can never be helped.
Just how it is sometimes.

Please leave comments below, and lets try to make KAT the best home ever!

Thanks to:
fiveofseven  ron_88 dhjudasx
Pringlescan  Lancelot
For direct input

& to:
Horrorhound  zeke23
RonthePirate Prairi3DoG Chew
For many other reasons.

and thanks to MG. for his constant help with this thread.
Big thanks to  Sir.Wolf for looking out for my honor while I stepped out!

Help spread the word...copy and paste the link below:

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[url=""]Courtesies of Downloading[/url]
Thanks again  Sir.Wolf

If any of the above is confusing, and you think that this is just my personal opinion, please have a look at this: FAQ: What reasons can I downrate a Torrent?
I should have added this a long time ago and forgot...thanks yet again to my savior  Sir.Wolf.


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Re: Courtesies of Downloading
« Reply #4 on: December 25, 2016, 01:03:22 am »
Just thank you for the reminder, is alway nice to refresh our memory, will try to pass it alone.

Kind regards
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Re: Courtesies of Downloading
« Reply #5 on: January 09, 2017, 06:18:36 pm »
Very nicely said. Very informative.  :thumbsup: