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KATalyst: Come Write With Us
« on: September 08, 2016, 05:29:26 am »
The KATalyst magazine operates by the authority and permission of KAT Administration. This has long been a well known fact, and in the past it was common knowledge that KATalyst is KAT's unofficial magazine. As of August 2016 we have become KAT's official magazine. We are excited to partner more closely with our administration as we sail into the hopeful, but admittedly uncertain, future.

As a magazine, we strive to produce entertaining content for KAT membership. We are supported in this goal by the administration, which has graciously made available to us a seedbox so that we may permanently make available all of our work. As part of the official KAT family, we exist also to support KAT as a whole, and we do consider ourselves something of a "point of contact" so that our admins may connect with the membership at large.

How does the KATalyst work? We have recently a staffing change, so this is a good time to give you a "behind the scenes" look. At this time, KATalyst consists of a number of volunteer writers, an editor-in-chief, a publisher/designer, and a head writer. To elaborate upon the latter three:

The editor is responsible for all of the content of the KATalyst. He makes recommendations, asks for revisions, supervises the head writer, and supervises the publisher. He is the person who reviews and approves all content. In theory and practice, the EIC is responsible for all content that does or does not appear in the KATalyst. Everyone needs an editor, and the KATalyst could not function without an editor. Our Editor-In-Chief from day one until now is MG. The Editor-In-Chief is the one who is, ultimately, "in charge" of the KATalyst.

The KATalyst's head designer and publisher is KAT Super User dollybird. Upon receiving final corrections of all of our  submissions (from the EIC), she arranges her material into an article; she designs each page of the KATalyst, using original written material and various user-supplied graphics. She will even find and create her own graphics, as the need arises. Eventually she will collect all her material into .pdf format, create a table of contents, create a torrent, and then upload that torrent to the KATalyst seedbox. Each page of the KATalyst is carefully created by the head designer, checked by the EIC, and then published into a KATalyst release.

The KATalyst head writer is something of a "jack of all trades." The head writer is typically responsible for supplying massive amounts of content. If we are short of something or in need of some contribution, the head writer goes to work. The head writer also conducts or arranges all of KAT's interviews, contributes articles, and solicits the membership at large for contributions. The head writer is something of "junior editor," and assists the EIC as needed. Additionally, the head writer is the point of contact between the KATalyst staff and KAT administration. We are in constant contact with one another; typically my correspondence is with Mrs.Smith.

The most important people within the KATalyst framework are, of course, the contributors. You can find the list of contributors on our release thread. These are the individuals which supply us with the material that gets compiled into a KATalyst release, and they are all super-important, even if they are somewhat invisible. Without the contributors, there would be no KATalyst.

At this time, we are in need of individuals who can contribute their writings to the KATalyst. We would love regular contributors! We also understand that this may not be possible, so we also welcome any contributions! We are especially interested in folks who would like to contribute short stories. We're also greedy to get as many ebook reviews as we can; they're always welcome. We frequently publish guest articles, so don't be shy with your submissions.

In short, we're happy to receive all of your submissions for the KATalyst - we are actively soliciting your contribution(s). Would you like to write with us? If you're a writer, poet, or reviewer, what's keeping you from supporting KAT by contributing to the KATalyst? We'd love to hear from you!

If you would like to volunteer for this, please send your submission(s) to us!  And remember: we don't want you tell us that you're interested. Show us! Send us your submission before you put it out of your mind. We're glad to receive and review all member-generated (i.e. we don't do copy-paste) content.

Thanks for your consideration,
The KATalyst Team

The latest KATalyst #10 is available

Note: some contributions may be, occasionally, printed in upcoming issues. Contributors will always receive credit for submissions. The KATalyst does not print material that is mature or pornographic in nature.

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Re: KATalyst: Come Write With Us
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Hello! So good to Be home again. After the fall I went to WWT. Now I'm a verified uploader there(same name) and I'm a WWT The Privateer Newsletter contributor. I want to contribute to KATalyst too. My main subject are anime and manga.

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Re: KATalyst: Come Write With Us
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Welcome Vofuse  :smiley: